Why Your Business Needs A Logo?

Logos can be found in almost every business around the world, from your favorite coffee shop to the local supermarket. It’s clear that they are popular in small businesses, fresh start-ups, and also large multinational corporations. However, are they still useful today? There have been so many social and technological changes in modern times that perhaps logos are now obsolete.  Read on to find out! 

why your business needs a logo

What is a logo?

First, let’s take a quick look at what exactly a logo is. A logo is usually a symbol that a company will use to represent its identity. It’s also known as “the face” of a business, and often a logo will consist of a simple and memorable image that tells everyone what the company is about. A brand will usually also have a slogan underneath the logo. For instance, Nike’s logo is the white tick and their slogan is “just do it”. Various logos may also feature the brand name or slogan within the actual logo.

Is a logo still important?

A logo has always been an essential part of brand identity. Think of some of the most famous and successful companies in the world, such as Twitter, McDonald’s, and Apple. Do you know what their logos are? Twitter is a bluebird, McDonald’s is the letter M, and the latter is of course an apple. Most likely, you knew all three straight away. Why is this? It’s because images are powerful, memorable, and striking. A great logo will tell a customer what a company stands for and a simple logo can do wonders for improving brand identity and awareness. 


Have you ever heard the expression; “a picture is worth a thousand words”? This is true as images can tell us so much more than text can. In general, people will remember a visual much better than text, which is why logos are still a cornerstone of running a successful business.

Stand out from the competition

No matter what field or industry you’re working in there is always going to be a lot of competition. There are many things you can do to beat your competitors and one of them is creating a strong brand identity. This public image will tell potential customers why you are different and what your company’s  philosophy is. Brand identity can be built through social media, a strong mission statement, charity work, product and marketing design. A logo will be used for all of these aspects of developing brand identity. You can be sure that a logo will be featured on all parts of brand identity, from social media platforms to sponsorships of charity events.

Don’t want a logo?

Obviously, if you don’t want a logo you can still run a business without one. However, it can be very difficult for potential clients to remember your company or take you seriously if you don’t have a logo. Keep in mind that all the most successful and famous businesses do have one. You should always be striving to be like these big players and model your marketing approach after them. If you want to look professional and capture your potential customer’s attention, then it’s essential to invest in creating a great logo. There are some online logo makers where you can create one for free. However, it’s usually better to hire a freelance graphic designer or marketing specialist to create a logo that will make sure you stand out from the crowd. 

These are just some of the reasons why a logo is still an important part of running a business. Keep in mind that a memorable and clear brand identity starts with a logo that represents what the company is about. Stand out in your industry and create a great logo that represents who you are.  

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