What is all the fuss about SEO?

Have you ever wondered what marketing people are talking about when they keep on mentioning that the SEO ranking for your website needs to be improved? Without having to ask them directly the question, reduce your anxiety and let me try and explain it in a manner that just makes simple sense. Basically it’s all about getting your website, information and products seen on the internet before your competitors.

SEO Advantages

Your website needs to be found on the web

The marketing of a company and its products now is more important than ever. To have a presence on the wide web and be seen by millions of people around the world, is every company’s dream. So how do you achieve that?
Once your company has a website on the internet, you need to direct the public to view your website that has been created with much thought, time and effort. The more people that look at your website, the more chance you will have of selling your products or services.

We Google everything these days

Nowadays everyone uses Google (the search engine) to find out information about anything and everything. So it would be great to know that when someone searches for information relating to your business or service you offer, that your company name appears as the first option (or top 5 options) in the results of the Google search.

What does Google do?

Google’s function is to organise, file and uncover information and make it easy to find. Think of Google being like a big torch that finds things in the dark. You want to attract the torchlight to your website. This is achieved by optimising your website, and hence the Search Engine Optimisation of your website is so important. There are a few ways to help Google find your website before your competition.

Use keywords in your website text

The use of certain ‘keywords’ in the text of your website is very important and will help people find your company when they search for your type of product or service. Your website text needs to be easy to read and understand. The more people read your information, the higher your search results rise. Google needs to be constantly reminded that your company exists!.

Other necessary SEO items for your website

Headings and subheadings for navigation through your website are important, as well as the speed your website responds. Another way of optimising your website is by what we call ‘links’ to other webpages, either in your own website or to relative information on other websites. Each page in your website needs to be named correctly as well as all photos. We’re all after the same dollars and you need to win the race!

Don’t let your website get lost on the web.

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