Technical SEO: Is your website fast, safe and friendly?

Even if you have the best content on your website, it may not rank high in Google searches.  Why?  Because technically it could be lacking and therefore it won’t be recommended in searches. The search engine robots need to be able to crawl and index websites for search engines, and therefore your website needs to be technically satisfactory in order to be seen.  Let’s go through a couple of technical SEO features that are easy to look out for and fix making your website fast, safe and friendly.  

Technical SEO is your website safe, fast and friendly

Mobile friendly

With more and more users accessing the web on mobiles, it is important that your website looks good and is mobile-friendly.  There are tools to use to check that your website meets the criteria for being mobile-friendly, for example Google Mobile Friendly Test .  Check that all your pages perform well on all devices, this is very important for your business.

Check your links

Another way of checking on the technical SEO of your website, is to check all your links.  Whether they are internal or external, every link must work and not be broken.  It will create a very bad impression on users if your links don’t work properly.  Creating internal links to help users learn more about your products or services can be very helpful with site navigation and a lot of thought should be given to this area in order to create a user-friendly experience.


#truthbomb – If your content isn’t creative, truthful and interesting, search engines like Google won’t trust your site and place it in search results.  Build a plan for your content when upgrading or starting your website.  Stick to the plan of content and always keep in mind what a viewer on your site would be looking for.  The tone and message you convey through your content needs to be consistent across all pages.  If your content is found to be untruthful or clearly copied from other sites, your SEO ranking will be minimal.

Speed it up

One of the biggest problems facing web designers is creating a site which is innovative, but which loads up very fast.  Your website needs to load up super fast from anywhere in the world. The norm for loading the first page of a website is to keep it under 3 seconds.  In order to achieve this, images should be compressed.  The use of a dedicated host can also help to speed up a website.

Safety and trust

Search engines will determine the safety and trust of your website.  One of the ways this is determined is by the amount of time your website is down or under construction.  Regular downtime will signal a red flag warning.  Another way of building trust is by ensuring that your content is correct and backed up or validated by legitimate experts.  An SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate is necessary for your website to be trusted as it allows encryption and decryption as well as authentication of data sent via the internet. It allows a secure connection between website and browser which encourages the user to feel safe when giving over card or banking details when making a purchase.  Super important!


Have you heard of the UX of a website?  It basically means the User eXperience that is provided by a website and it also has an effect on the SEO ranking.  It relates to the ease of use that a viewer will experience on your site.  Therefore, users need to be able to find what they are looking for easily, whether it is by CTA clear buttons or easy to follow menus or links.  Work through your website as if you are a new viewer and check on the UX or flow of your site.

Design with purpose

The design of your website should be geared towards the purpose of the website.  What do you want a viewer to do?  Whether it’s to purchase an item, read one of your articles, donate to a charity or answer a questionnaire, keep the purpose in mind and gear your website towards this end result.  This will help you prioritise when making improvements to your site.

Ensuring that the technical SEO of your website is addressed and working well, will help to make it fast, safe and friendly.  By following these guidelines, and many more that MC Pawley has available, you can get your site to perform better, increase your SEO and achieve the ultimate goal of more conversions.

Give us a call,  MC Pawley has technical SEO expertise to help your business. 


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