Social Media and SEO, what’s the connection?

Social media and SEO, what’s the connection?You’re creating loads of content for your social media platforms, but your search rankings aren’t yet what you want them to be.  Do all your likes and shares on social media make a difference to your search rankings? Social media is designed for promoting your content.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about making sure that your content and digital activity works to improve your rankings. Let’s take a look at a couple of ways to get the correlation going.

social media and SEO

Emphasis on good content

It is so important to post high quality content on all your social media.  Good content on your social media will drive viewers to your website and in turn that will bring attention to search engines that your site is being visited, and boom… your search rankings go up!  Engaging content always attracts more viewers to your site.  

In depth content that connects with your audience is what you need. The right visual materials consisting of pictures, graphics, videos and even podcasts that can be shared is also very important and helps to increase your brand recognition.

Social media shares

The more people that see your content on social media and share it, like it or comment on it, the more likely your website ranking increases. Search engines are starting to take into account the amount of shares your social media content is getting. This is another indication of how your social media and SEO are interlinked. 

Adding a sharing function and call to action on your website and on social media will also help to increase your SEO.

Backlinks to your content

If your content is engaging, informative and correct you will find that the more your content is shared, the chances are increased that people may backlink to your posts.  That’s where the magic starts happening.  Your blog visibility will increase as well as your SEO ranking.  Quality links from other sites are important of an SEO strategy, Google sees this as “word-of-mouth”. If other websites trust the content you are putting out then it must be ok to rank in search engine results.

Choice of keywords

It’s not a good idea to go crazy with too many keywords selected as this will affect you readability ranking. So the happy medium of finding keywords that are consistent with your content and keep them the same across all of your social media and website.

Social media profiles

Making sure that you optimise your social media profiles is one of the factors that can assist the correlation of social media and search ranking.  Maintain consistency across all media platforms for boosting brand awareness.  If viewers can find you easily across the various social media platforms, Google will sit up and take notice.

Customer relationships

Another factor that search engines love is the way in which you react with customers.  Loads of comments, likes, visual shares and conversations will be noted.  Asking your viewers questions and getting responses regarding your blogs and  social media content will create positive results. Search engines are also very keen on tracking time on page stats.

Captions and storytelling

Who doesn’t like a good story?  Whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform, offer authentic and engaging content.  Captivating captions will attract more attention and content that tells a story will more likely stand out from your competitors.  The look and the way you make people feel is what will be remembered and help to build brand awareness.  A person will normally interact with your social media first before searching for your website.

Irresistible headings and subheadings with meta descriptions are going to make your content stand out and compel clicks.


Influencers can help to educate and inspire your audience.  A partnership with influencers can do wonders for your brand awareness.  With their knowledge and expertise they can play a big role in link-worthy content creation.  This is a big drawcard between social media and SEO when backlinks are made to your influencer created content.

Most of the world is now on social media on one or other platform and social signals seem to influence SEO.  The connection between social media and SEO is complex, but connected and complementary.  It takes a good marketing strategy to correlate the two entities and MC Pawley has all the resources and expertise to assist your business.

Give us a call,  MC Pawley is the key to successfully updating your website with the best SEO rankings advice suited to your business.

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