SEO plugins for WordPress

SEO plugins for WordPress are essential to improving the overall functionality and efficiency of a site.  But knowing which plugins to use can be the big question as there are so many available.  Here we focus on 3 key SEO plugins for WordPress that have been tried and tested to be effective for most sites.

SEO plugins for WordPress

Rank Math

Rank Math is designed to optimise your site for social media and search engines.  It is widely known as being one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.  A few of the key features are:

  • Easy to install and set up wizard – once installed, Rank Math will verify and recommend the best settings for optimising the performance of your site
  • Measure and track keyword rankings – this allows you to constantly be informed as to your SEO ranking, helping you to maintain a high performance site.  You will be able to see keywords that you rank for, sitemap status and any indexing issues that may need addressing.  This is all shown and available to you on your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • One click imports for trouble free migrations from other SEO plugins
  • Rank Tracker – keep an eye on how your website is performing compared to your competitors using preset keywords
  • Advanced snippet previews – this feature allows you to preview how your post will appear in the SERPs, rich snippets and even to preview how your post appear when shared on social media 
  • Built in modules to configure with integration of Google Schema markup which provides additional information about your site to search engines and your viewers.  It has the ability to make your content stand out in SERP’s.
  • High ranking keywords for your posts – knowing what keywords are high ranking gives you the ability to write content using the keywords that will improve your ranking.
  • Run detailed SEO analysis – SEO audits have never been easier and actionable advice will be given to improve your site.
  • Automated image SEO – by adding ALT and title attributes to your images, this helps with your SEO rankings and is a pretty powerful tool.
  • Position history – keep track of your site’s ranking position over the past few weeks or months

Yoast SEO

This plugin is the most widely used.  Yoast SEO is prominent for editing meta tags and for optimising content.  It also offers some of the following features:

  • Adding key phrases to your content manually.
  • One keyword or key phrase per post.
  • XML sitemaps – this feature helps search engines like Google to find and index your best content.
  • Set different meta tags for social media – this feature allows you can create a custom page title and snippet for social media which can be different to what you have created in your web.
  • Internal link counter – keeps a running count of internal links on the dashboard, which helps you to remember to update old posts with new links or create more internal links when posting new content.
  • Link suggestions as you write content.

All in One SEO

With over 2 million users of All in One SEO (AIOSEO) plugin, it is a very popular SEO optimiser helping users to outrank their competitors.  It offers:

  • TruSEO – an in-depth SEO optimisation analysis and actionable checklist.  
  • You can use it to optimise your content for unlimited SEO keywords.
  • It has a built-in smart schema markup feature which helps you get more traffic through SEO rich snippets, Google featured snippets, and image SEO search results.

AIOSEO helps to make WooCommerce SEO easier, as you can optimize  product pages anderly product categories for better SEO rankings.

Keyword stuffing

SEO plugins are great as they show where you can improve your page for rankings, but you will still need to do the work.  First and foremost remember you are writing for humans and your content needs to appear natural and flow prop.  

No matter how many times your keywords appear in your content, if the text is unnatural you will actually end up hurting your SEO.  It’s advisable to do your keyword research before you start writing content, write naturally and only when you’ve finished writing refer to the SEO plugin for pointers, this is the most effective method.  

The SEO plugins are helpful and a good indication to your rankings but SEO is complicated  and won’t be taken care of with one plugin.  SEO demands excellent content – no way round this.

Make a backup

Word of advice – always make a backup of your site before adding a plugin because if something goes wrong you will want to have your site up and running again as quickly as possible.  After a plugin is added to your site, do a speed check to make sure your site hasn’t been slowed down.


Out of the 3 options we have written about, our recommendation is the use of Rank Math SEO.  Overall, Rank Math gives you the most features in the free version.  It uses a modular approach which allows you to disable features that you don’t want to use.

For the best assistance and advice on all your SEO needs, MC Pawley is your key to success.  With SEO’s complexities, it is best to speak to the experts.

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