How to boost email opens and click rates

Looking for ways to increase turnover for your business?  One of the most successful ways to promote your business is through email marketing and thereafter the necessity to boost email opens.  Email marketing can deliver higher results and increase sales more than on social media platforms, but every email campaign needs to be planned and actioned correctly to gain the highest amount of opens and increase click rates. With so many emails received daily with advertising and information relevant or irrelevant to our needs, your email needs to stand out. Here are a few tricks and tips on how to boost email opens and increase click rates.

How to boost email opens and click rates

A catchy subject line

Would you open an email that doesn’t appeal to you?  Quite simply, no. In order for your email campaign to be successful, the subject line needs to be keyed towards your target market and be enticing.  We recommend using less than 90 characters.   The subject line that we see instantly will determine whether the email is opened or deleted.  According to Retention Science, the clever use of movie titles or song lyrics relevant to your business, can increase the chances of your email being opened by at least 26% and will help to boost email opens.  It’s a numbers game, the more people that open your email, the higher the chances of click rates and converted sales.

Mobile friendly

Keep in mind the fact that emails are constantly received on mobiles.  The design of your email needs to be responsive and suitable to all devices, including a small screen.  The use of clear headings and short text with clear images is sure to attract more opens.  Before sending out your email campaign to your database, test it by sending it to your own email address and check the layout on your mobile device and on your laptop and desktop computers.

Sender name to be clear and recognisable

Another consideration to boost email opens, is that with too many spam emails being received constantly, we are all more likely to open an email from a reliable, recognised source.  Check that your sender name is created on your email operating platform and consists of your business name and by adding a personal name, you may attract more trust.  A good example of this would be Mandy from MC Pawley as the sender name for our company.

Call to action

Very often people miss the obvious! A very clear Call To Action, for example Click Here or Read More, needs to be a button or have an arrow next to it to press on the email.  Making the CTA (call to action) clear, easy and simple to follow will ensure more clicks once the email is opened.  The objective of the email should be to attract more people to click on the CTA.

Preview text

This is a snippet of text which is automatically pulled from the email.  When receiving an email in an inbox, we will receive a snippet of text relevant to the email.  You have the power to change the snippet of text to appeal to your audience and highly recommend this is done.  By creating a teaser line for the rest of your content, you will automatically boost email opens and click rates.

Collecting of data

By having a sign-up for emails link on your website, you will be able to grow your database and gear your emails towards people with a genuine interest in your business or services.  If your business is store based, collect data from consumers when they make a purchase as it becomes easier to target and resell to consumers who already support your business.

Clean up your database

As a rule of thumb, if an email you send out has not been read by a subscriber within the last 6 months, remove the inactive email address. It is better to grow your new subscriber database than have too many inactive subscribers. 


Customer Relationship Management is also paramount to the success of your email campaign.  The more you know about your customers, the more likely your offer will be on target.  Gear your email campaign to their buying preferences and understand your customers needs and buying behaviour.  In doing so, you will be able to decide when best to send out an email campaign.  For example, if you know your customers are interested in seasonal purchases, your timing of the email campaign can be geared accordingly.   

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