Advertising on Facebook: boosted posts vs sponsored ads

With social media being at the epicentre of brand awareness on the internet and the need to post content and advertise, how do we choose boosted posts vs sponsored ads when advertising on Facebook?  Organic traffic can be low and therefore it is wise to allow a budget for paid marketing on Facebook to boost your business and brand.  In doing so, you will reach a wider audience and gain new followers, as well as keep your existing followers up to date.  We take a look at the difference between boosted posts and sponsored ads, giving you some clarity on what would be the best option for you to use.

Advertising on Facebook: boosted posts vs sponsored ads

Boosted posts

Boosted posts on Facebook – this is basically a way of getting your normal content on your Facebook page out to your existing audience and their friends.  In this way you are ‘promoting a post’.  You pay to boost posts that will then appear higher on their normal newsfeeds.  Boosted posts are charged for and it allows your post to be seen in a newsfeed to a wider audience.

It’s as easy as pressing ‘boost’ and your content will appear higher in your friends (and their friends) newsfeeds.  Boosting content is great for generating more comments, likes and shares on your Facebook page.  It goes out to your audience with a ‘natural’ look and feel and therefore doesn’t come across as advertising.

You are able to select a cold, new audience by selecting ‘People you choose through targeting’ option if you are wanting a wider audience and are wanting to build more brand awareness.  Facebook’s algorithm will work out automatically where to place your boosted post where it gets the best results.  You are able to select the boosted post to appear in your Instagram feed at the same time.

Select the duration and the amount of money to be spent on the boosted post.  Facebook will then give you an estimate of how many people will be likely to see your boosted post.  It is advisable not to run a boosted post for too long, normally one week should suffice.

Rule of thumb for boosting your post

If one of your posts on Facebook has received a good response, it may be worthwhile boosting the post to a wider audience for more likes, shares and comments.  Boosting posts works well for informing your audience of events, limited sales, new products and important announcements.  Boosting posts can assist if you are looking for content to go viral.

Budget for boosting posts

Facebook has a minimum charge of $1 per day for boosting posts.  You can select an amount for your budget, the more you spend the higher reach you will get.  Experiment with the variables to see what budget and size audience suits your pocket.

Sponsored ads

Sponsored ads on Facebook – Facebook Ads Manager, this is where you get to choose and select your type of audience that you would like your content to reach, making it more specific to a certain demographic or group of people.  Sponsored ads are charged for and do not appear on your normal Facebook business page.

It is more complex to set up sponsored ads, as there are many options for customising the audience to choose from.  Sponsored ads are great for generating more actions, for example driving traffic to your website or for retargeting visitors to your store.  These are actionable adverts where it is best to encourage people to participate in a certain activity, and design your ad around the desired result – tangible outcomes.

Sponsored ads is where you get to create Lookalike Audiences, Facebook will help find audiences for you based on your website and Facebook engagements, Instagram and email lists.  You will also have the choice of allowing Facebook to automatically place your ads or you can choose where your ads appear and whether they are to be included in Instagram, News Feed, Instant Articles and other choices.

Rule of thumb for sponsored ads

If you want to create a specific response or increase sales, sponsored ads on Facebook are the way to go.  Targeting of an audience and creating a budget is broader than what is on offer when boosting posts.  If your objective is to drive more traffic to your website, create leads, optimise app installs, video viewings or website conversions, sponsored ads is the tool to use.ng.

Budget for sponsored ads

A well thought out Facebook advertising campaign will require a budget allocation.  Facebook Ads algorithm works on a bidding system, therefore the higher you bid or budget for a daily allowance, the higher the amount of targeted people will see your ad.  You can set a bid cap and a daily budget, as well as schedule your ads to run at certain times in order to pace your budget.


It is recommended that your Facebook marketing budget be shared between boosts and ads, both play an important role in brand awareness and assist with the SEO ranking of your website.  Decide on the goal of your Facebook advertising before getting started and have a clear objective.  This will help you determine whether to use boosted posts vs sponsored ads when advertising on Facebook.

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