How to direct traffic to your website

How much competition does your business have?  How are you going to attract traffic to your website, convert sales and beat your competitors?  These are questions that need to be addressed when trying to direct traffic to your website and gain more visibility and viewers.  In order to increase your conversion rates, you need to direct traffic to your website.  It’s that simple.

Direct traffic to your website

Get the SEO ball rolling

It is a fact that the better SEO ranking you have on a website, the more chance there is that search engines like Google will list your site before other sites during searches.  The services of an experienced Search Engine Optimisation expert will greatly help your site rank higher and attract organic traffic at a better rate.  If your web content is relative to your business and is quality content, it will get more clicks which in turn will create more results and help to direct traffic to your website.

Link-building on your website

After various case studies, there are theories that search engines are using data on queries and  click throughs on links in websites to assist with search result rankings.  It is, therefore, necessary to have relevant links to established and authoritative websites well placed within your content and to ensure that the links are frequently used.

There are many social media platforms available which can be used to help direct traffic to your website. Social media sites, for example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, can be implemented for uploading content from your site and directing viewers to your web pages.  These sites are great platforms for advertising your blogs, where they can be read and then be directed to your website for more information or sales.

There are many ways to advertise, including social media, paid searches and display advertising.  A digital marketing expert will be able to create a package to suit your goals and increase traffic resulting in more conversions on your site.  Promoting your content on social media is almost guaranteed to bring results and direct more traffic to your website.

Keep creating blogs

Fresh, informative blogs being added constantly to your website will help with SEO ranking.  Even if you have lots of blogs, creative new blogs need to be added on an ongoing basis.  Updating your content to make it interesting and appealing to viewers will keep them engaged and encourage more traffic.

Include keywords in your content

Google Trends, Google Keyword Tool and Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tool are good places to find keywords which are often searched for and then use the keywords in your content.  Sometimes long-tail keywords can assist initially to direct traffic to your website, as they help to establish a better line of communication between your business and prospective customers who may be shopping for what you provide.

Incorporate catchy headlines

Using powerful, descriptive words in your headlines and paragraph headings, you are more likely to attract attention from viewers.  When proposing a question as a heading you are likely to spark curiosity.  Use descriptive and vivid language to stir the imagination in your headings and content  Your headings can be used to ‘solve’ problems – how often are people using the internet to find a solution to a problem?  Very often.  By helping your audience find answers to queries related to your business will encourage more usage and direct traffic to your website. 

Grow your traffic by the use of infographics and content which holds interest for your audience, in doing so you are certain to get more and more people to see your site.  

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