Cool or Cosy Website Case Study

The Problem

Cool or Cosy is a roof insulation and solar company, who had an outdated website. The previous website did not match the company’s brand and failed to engage the audience and generate sales for the business.

The Game Plan

Design a user-friendly website with compelling content that would lead to more sales and better user engagement rates. We also focused on a monthly Search Engine Optimisation strategy, specifically targeting the ceiling insulation market.

The Challenge

MC Pawley was tasked with designing, writing and creating a new website, as well as optimising the content and the website for search engine results.

The Solution

We worked swiftly to implement our game plan and as a result, we were able to see noticeable results rather fast. In fact, the new website was launched and within 3 months of starting the optimisation and content creation campaign. The website now ranks on the first page of Google Search for the selected keywords. We went to great lengths to make sure we covered all the basics in terms of SEO, but we also made some advanced efforts in order to help the business connect with a relevant local market, appealing to potential customers in their area and generate more visibility and leads where it matters the most.

The result

Because of the successful project, we were actually able to Increase the website’s monthly visitors by 70% in the span of three months. This is an excellent and measurable result, with a significant boost in terms of performance excellence.

Ultimately, our work with Cool or Cosy provides a measurable positive outcome of our work over 3 months of implementing new successful optimisation strategies, better design solutions and winning SEO to radically transform the company’s website and productivity.
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