Choosing the right social media platforms for your business

With so many different social platforms to choose from, how do you decide which platforms to use for your business?  Social media is constantly used for brand awareness and lead generation and your business presence on the internet is more important than ever.  But choosing the right social platforms for your business needs some consideration.  Let’s have a look at some of the most popular platforms that are available and also the possibilities of why they could be the right one for your business.

right social media platforms for your business

Why use a social media platform?

Social media platforms can be used for various different purposes, advertising, driving brand awareness, customer support or simply developing friendly customer relations.  Identify the purpose of using a social media platform for your business.

Which social media platforms are your competitors using?

Different social media platforms appeal to different audiences.  It is therefore important to firstly identify the audience that you are targeting.  If unsure of which social media platform your potential customers are viewing the most, check on who your competitors are and see which social media platforms they are using. This can help in giving you direction in making the right choice.

Have a plan of action

Once you have identified which audience you would like to reach via social media platforms, a plan of action should be designed.  One way to go about this, would be to create a weekly social media calendar.  Content for the social media platform should be uploaded weekly or monthly in advance in order to plan what to post, on which platform and when.  Once the calendar has been established, keep adding to it as the months progress.  In this way, you will always be able to track when and where you are posting to the various social media platforms,

Tips on identifying your audience

Think about the following:

  • What age are you targeting
  • Male or female, or both
  • Who is your typical customer
  • What would their education level be
  • What would their income level be
  • Demographics

The answers to these questions will help you build a profile of your audience.  Your social media platform can be chosen using this profile in mind.  

Consumer buying behaviours and trends also play an important role and much research in this area with regards to your product or service needs to be explored.  Australians are buying more and more online and eCommerce is growing rapidly.  Whether your business is fashion, beauty, health, appliances, food, liquor, media, hobbies or homeware, your products need to be seen and found easily on the right social media platform.


Instagram is a very visual platform where posting of visuals, whether it be photos or video clips, is the medium that is used.  Another feature of Instagram is the use of Hashtags, which can be made up of a combination of letters, numbers and an emoji preceded by #, for example #solarpanels would be used if you are a solar panel installation company when posting a picture on Instagram.  Hashtags are used for categorising and therefore are helpful to make products be more discoverable.  Instagram is owned by Facebook.  Influencer marketing on Instagram is growing and can make a difference to your brand, there are currently over 500,000 influencers active on Instagram.


Facebook is the largest social media platform that allows people to connect with friends and family with text and photos, giving businesses opportunities to grow as well. Over 180 million businesses use Facebook to connect with their customers.  It is one of the best platforms to use as you can target an audience by selecting interests, age, area and many other options when advertising and building your brand awareness.  Facebook has reported that there are almost 1,82 billion daily active users.


LinkedIn is often used for professional networking.  It is a great social media platform to create a page on, where other businesses can have access to your information regarding your company.  It is also often used for uploading and listing job applications and positions available.  24% of Millennials (18 – 24 years old) use LinkedIn.


Twitter is used for posting text on latest updates on trending topics and is well known for being used by politicians and famous celebrities.  These posts are called ‘tweets’.  Hashtags are also used on this social media platform allowing viewers to find topics, or items they are interested in, easily.  If looking for news or latest world events, this is the platform to use.


Pinterest is a visual platform where pictures from the internet can be saved or pinned to a board which you create.  It can be compared to scrapbooking.  It is great for sharing recipes, decor, fashion, wedding ideas, gardening and many more ideas and is used for inspiration as well.  Pinterest is perfect to use for visual branding and ecommerce,  It has a higher conversion rate than other platforms.  Pinterest caters mainly to women between the ages of 25 and 50.


TikTok is a great platform for short videos.  With about 50% of TikTok’s audience being under the age of 34, it is used widely by the younger generation.  It is used mainly to share short clips of singing, dancing and comedy.  It can be a powerful tool if used to market a product to the youth in a quirky or satirical manner.  It is the fastest growing social media app and Generation Z are using it extensively.


Of course, as technology progresses, there are always new ways of communication being developed.  The new kid on the block is Clubhouse and it’s an exciting development on social media platforms, as it is different to the others being a network based on voice.  People are able to chat, listen and learn from each other in real time.  You can chat with people you follow, or listen to what others are talking about.  It is evolving at the moment and to join you presently need to be invited.  This could be a great social media platform in the future to talk about your products and subjects related to your business.  Compare it to being at a party or clubhouse and having conversations with many people or having panel discussions.

These and many more social media platforms are available to choose from.  So it’s all about identifying the right audience for your business and knowing which platform they are using daily.  We can take all the hassle out of trying to work out which is the correct social media platform for your business.  Don’t waste time and money trying to decide, let MC Pawley assist you.

Give us a call,  MC Pawley will guide you with social media platforms suited to your business.

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