7 SEO Principles for WordPress Web Design

Don’t forget about SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Are you wanting to create a new WordPress website?  Don’t forget about including SEO principles when starting your new design.  In today’s world, any marketing of products, services or any business related item requires to be presented correctly on the internet.  The more attractive and informative your website is, the better your audience will react to your website.  In order for prospective customers to find your site in the huge mass of information and websites that exist, your website should be created with a few SEO principles in mind to give you an immediate edge on your competitors.  SEO is an ongoing process which requires constant attention even once your website is designed and up and running.

Cluttered layout - a big no no

When designing the website, it is advisable not to clutter each page with too many graphics and text. If a site is not pleasing to the eye, website visitors may not engage with your content and just return to the search engine results page.  Choose graphics that ‘speak’ to your audience and are well associated with what you are trying to achieve with your website.  Key content should appear at the top of your web pages in order for viewers not to have to scroll down initially for answers or information.

White space your text

Another SEO principle to keep in mind when designing, is that the text needs ‘white space’ around it for viewers to see text clearly.  Don’t overcrowd the page with too much text and too many images, keep the design simple.  This will help with boosting engagement with your viewers.

Looks good on all devices

With so much technology available at our fingertips, remember that your site will be viewed on many different devices, including mobile phones.  Therefore, your design must be able to look equally good on large and small screens.

Keywords to be included

Understanding who you would like your audience to be is of paramount importance. With this fact in mind, determine some key words to be used in your website and to be used in your future blog posts. Search Engines, like Google, will drive and direct organic traffic to your site if you have keywords used correctly and your site will start ranking higher as time goes on. If you select keywords that are commonly used and do not rank high, it is not going to help your site and therefore it is always advisable to get advice from an SEO expert as to which keywords to use for your site.

Page content

When creating content, be precise with conveying a message.  Too much information can be too taxing to work through for the average viewer, but too little information may lead to viewers leaving your site for answers elsewhere.  To hit the sweet spot, information needs to be concise yet explain well what the article is about. Headings and subheading are also important in informing viewers where information is located and need to briefly summarise the article content.

Numbers and symbols in meta descriptions

A meta description is a snippet of information which summarises a page’s content.  When adding a number or symbol to the description, it will help to encourage viewers to click on your site and search engines will be more likely to direct traffic to your site.

Choice of fonts and colours

Keeping in mind the image of your business that you would like to convey, select a font style and colour scheme to suit.  The font you select for your articles should be clear and large enough for viewers to read easily.  Don’t use too many different fonts on a single page, rather vary the size of one selected font.  Ease of readability should be considered.  Your colour scheme should complement your business theme, once again the expertise of consulting with a SEO expert on this before designing your website is highly recommended.

Above are just a few considerations when designing a new website with SEO principles in mind, there are many more which we use for the best designs. 

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