5 SEO Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid

Creating blogs and writing content that is of interest to readers is super important for your website.  The text needs to be creative and help to boost your website through Google search results.  SEO copywriting is all about creating content that is appealing and persuasive to customers, as well as ranks well with search engines.  There are a few mistakes to avoid when creating copywriting:

5 SEO Copywriting mistakes to avoid

Lack of research

Whatever content you are creating, whether a blog or text for the website, ensure that you have done a lot of research on the subject before starting to create the text.  Know everything about your product or service and give good, concise information relative to the product.  Write in a way that everyone can understand the message of your text.  Writing awesome and original content is the key to successful SEO copywriting.

Incorrect keywords

It is necessary to know which keywords your customers might be using to search for your products or services.  If you select incorrect keywords for your copywriting the SEO ranking of your site will be lower than your competitors.  Use a keyword planning tool for example Keyword Tool, to help you choose the correct keywords to use for your copywriting.  Check on what keywords your competitors are using, it will help you decide which keywords you should use.

Too many links

Links to external and internal sites are important for SEO copywriting.  The trick is not to use too many links.  Your copywriting will be flagged if links are created that are not relative to the content and if you create too many links in your text.  Build links only where they make sense for a reader to follow.  Choose a few reliable sources to create your links and back up your claims, in so doing you will win the trust of your customers or viewers.

Grammar errors

Without sounding like your English school teacher, grammar is important.  Tools can be used to proofread your work, for example Grammarly, which is a free online writing assistant.  Always proofread your copywriting and check all spelling.  Your text should always make sense when you read it.  Proofread your text, take a break and read it all over again – and then again!  You may be surprised by how many errors you pick up the second or third time of reading your text.

Too many words

We can all get carried away with some ‘verbal diarrhea’ at times, but when creating SEO copywriting text that is too long and over-descriptive it can have an adverse effect on the rating.  With viewers on any website spending an average of only a few seconds before deciding if they are finding what they are looking for and moving off your site, your copywriting really needs to be creative, descriptive and persuasive enough to hook them in to staying on your site.  If there is too much text to read all at once, the chances are that viewers won’t stay on the site.  Keep your words simple and uncomplicated wherever possible.  Keep in mind that the look and feel of the site needs to be mobile-friendly as well.  Too much text will be difficult to read on a mobile device.

SEO copywriting can help boost your rankings and good content can help sell your products or services.  Don’t make the mistake of skimping on your initial research before starting to write the text.  Keep it simple and understand what you are writing about. High quality text, as opposed to quantity, will definitely help with organic search optimisation.  Keep on writing!

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